Diana Smith

photo of Diana Smith, Director of Client Relations at Tungsten Wealth Management

Director of Client Relations

  • (479) 250-9986
  • diana@tungstenwealth.com

With more than 30 years of experience, Diana is the Director of Client Relationships for Tungsten Wealth Management.

Prior to joining the Tungsten Team, Diana served as a Vice President and a Trust Officer for a Regional Bank for 14 years. One of her greatest pleasures is building relationships and being able to help her clients.  She is passionate about making phone calls and visits to those that have no one else.  Seeing and hearing the pure joy of her clients always warms her heart.

Diana was born and raised in Iowa where she started her career in the Financial Industry in 1990.  She and her husband Kenn were introduced to NW Arkansas by vacationing and spending time with family that lived there, before they began to fall in love with the area.   In 2001, along with their son Greg, they decided to make NW Arkansas their home and have been here ever since.

Diana is a graduate of Cannon Trust School where she expanded her knowledge on proper administration and estate planning.  She has served on the Board of Legacy Village in Bentonville, Lifeline of Northwest Arkansas, and is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Circle of Life Hospice in Bentonville.

Diana and her husband recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary and have one son, Greg.  In her spare time, Diana and Kenn often enjoy the time spent outside.  These activities include golfing, camping, fishing, and kayaking.  She really enjoys being outdoors camping around one of the many beautiful lakes that are in the area.

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